7 Awesome Foods To Eat After A Workout



Eating and exercise are two essential elements of living a healthy lifestyle.  An important part of balancing eating and exercise routines is recognizing and choosing the right foods after a workout.

Our bodies break down muscle protein structures and glycogen when we exercise, so it is important to eat adequate protein to replenish energy stores and repair muscle tissues to promote new growth.

Additionally, the insulin in our bodies is responsible for carrying necessary carbohydrates and amino acids back into our muscles, so getting the right amount of carbohydrates to support proper insulin release is key.

Here are some healthy post-workout protein and carbohydrate combinations to try.

1. Dried fruits and nuts

Quick and portable, dried fruits and nuts are a perfect on-the-go snack. In addition to their ultra-convenience, these natural nibbles are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals and protein to refuel and energize the body.

With so many possible combinations and such easy preparation, dried fruits and nuts are a simple yet nutrient-dense choice for busy people who need a fast solution for a nutritious post-workout snack.

The nuts provide a very good source of protein and the simple carbohydrates in the dried fruits replenish glycogen levels quickly in the body.

Unlike the simple sugars in candy, the simple carbohydrates in fruits are combined with healthy fruit fibers, which prevent them from causing an insulin spike or leading to a sugar crash.

Mixing up a batch of favorite nuts and dried fruits ahead of time and storing in a zipper plastic sandwich bag allows you to toss this snack in a carrying bag. As a result, this healthy snack will be ready to eat whenever you are through with your workout.

Preparing food when you are tired from the gym can be a drag, so why not make use of nature’s fast food?

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